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Entry #2

Lil bit bout my equipment.

2009-02-16 23:42:41 by Yabossobay

Here's a simple list of what i use.

Software: ACID pro 3.0 Melodyne Studio 3.1.1

Mixer: StudioMaster Diamond Club 8-channel

Guitars: BC rich Bich with rockfield 81/85 humbucking pickups

Guitar processor/effects: Vox Tonelab deluxe. (i highly recommend this. great pedal board.)

Bass: Fender Squire Precision 5 string bass

Drums: Loops and samples (wave files)

Synth samples: Roland XV-5050 midi synthesizer brain run through a Yamaha keyboard.

not the highest quality stuff, but its gets the job done the right way.


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2010-07-01 17:38:31

It's been a year, is this the same shit you still use? Because I find it kinda strange that we both use Acid and a BC rich.

Anyway, you should get Addictive Drums. They are the most amazing drum midi fucking ever. EVER. So get it. Even just the demo will improve your drums, I can almost guarantee it.

Yabossobay responds:

Kinda, I upgraded to ACID 6.0 and yeah still got my Bich, I really want to put EMG pickups in it though.

I checked out Addictive Drums, looks pretty sick