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Lil bit bout my equipment.

2009-02-16 23:42:41 by Yabossobay

Here's a simple list of what i use.

Software: ACID pro 3.0 Melodyne Studio 3.1.1

Mixer: StudioMaster Diamond Club 8-channel

Guitars: BC rich Bich with rockfield 81/85 humbucking pickups

Guitar processor/effects: Vox Tonelab deluxe. (i highly recommend this. great pedal board.)

Bass: Fender Squire Precision 5 string bass

Drums: Loops and samples (wave files)

Synth samples: Roland XV-5050 midi synthesizer brain run through a Yamaha keyboard.

not the highest quality stuff, but its gets the job done the right way.

people who vote zero.

2008-12-10 19:42:19 by Yabossobay

There is only one flaw to the NG music submission and hosting service. the way new music is found. there are just way to many new music submissions that go to the audio portal for anything new to get more that two or three votes. and then it vanishes into the database for ever and all eternity.
the easy way around this? you can vote on your own submissions, so what do people (and me) do? we set it at a five! not because we think that its so much better than everyone elses music, but because its the only damn way to get the thing noticed by the NG comminity!

But instead of voting a fair 3 or maybe 4 if they really like it, they throw down a big fat ass named ZERO! this can take a score of 5.00 down to 1.92 (depending on voting power) and then it NEVER gets noticed (aside for people who check artists for new songs) along with a fat zero pulling the score down FOREVER.

so I understand the need for a zero score. maybe it just sucks that much, but I do not believe that just because someone thinks that your piece of new music isnt as godly as something he/she/it likes then they shove it down to the very bottom.

so i thank all of you who actually vote fairly and not just zeros and fives. cause honestly its the only thing keeping my music barely average :/